Mobeee is your partner for electromobility

whether it’s the procurement of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, or setting up a whole charging grid, mobeee supports you on every step of the way.


Public Charging Grid

mobeee is erecting a public fast-charging grid for electric vehicles in the region of Nordhausen…

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Charging infrastructure

mobeee is consulting you whether you want to build a wallbox at home , install several charging stations for your company…

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Mobility Consulting

mobeee is analyzing your fleet by looking at each vehicle, their driving profiles, and the daily usage. After identifying …

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mobeee will be running public eCar-Sharing in the region of Nordhausen starting in April 2017 . People can get rid …

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An integral Mobility Concept

… cost-efficient and based on electromobility


Already today the pollution levels in our cities are dangerously high. The upper limits for air pollution are regularly exceeded due to fueled individual traffic. It’s time to rethink our energy and transportation system. Ask us about the right solution for your individual case.


Mobeee stands for the reduction of noise and pollution by integrating electric car-sharing concepts and new ways to produce energies for private homes, companies, and whole regions. Fuel your electric vehicle with the energy produced on your own roof. We, as an interdisciplinary team of engineers, town-planners, and economists, like to show you new individual solutions for alternative mobility and energy supply.


Mobeee is creating an individualized concept for your transportation. An intuitive booking system allows you to share vehicles with different parties in order to save on costs and reduce the number of cars on our streets. This solution is perfect for companies who want to reduce the cost of their fleets and make them accessible for other users.

Time and cost efficient

Strategy consulting, procurement and change management fleet administration, service, insurance, and inspections – with Mobeee you get the full package. We show you the ways to run your fleet more cheaply and efficiently.


Our eCar-sharing, starting in April 2017, will provide you with full billing control since we charge by the minute for car usage.


Mobeee is building a public, region-wide, fast charging system which is fully accessible. It will cover all the types of plugs available on the market. Additionally, with standardized billing, anybody can charge at our station at any time.

Nordhausen goes mobeee

A joint project to demonstrate the suitability of electric vehicles for daily life in a rural area

As a experimental project of the Thuringia Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Nature Conservation, mobeee has the task of creating more efficient connections to rural areas in order to relieve the inner cities and to implement a region-wide charging grid based on renewable energies.

Through the connection of everyday mobility necessities, the traffic between cities and rural areas is strengthened based on a gradual adjustment with electric vehicles.  This project is based on cooperation between regional companies, cities, clubs, institutions, and private persons.

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